Website Advertisements

Give special attention to your branding message, events, or company at the top portion of one of the SWATS.COM pages. SWATS has different sections of the site dedicated to different areas: travel, parties, business, culture, and community service. Your feature could be placed on the page that is most appropriate for your company’s objectives. Included will be a teaser sentence, an image, and links to more information about your company or event.

Banner Advertisements

Include a banner ad with your company event or logo, title of event or company tag line, and link to event information related to your company or event. Place your banner ad on pages that are most appropriate for your campaign. Banner ads can be placed in either our (1) local, (2) national, or (3)website. Banners shall not be bigger than 125 X 125 and should be emailed to

Calendar of Events

Your event is listed on the SWATS.COM calendar of events. Take advantage of the traffic of up to 50,00 unique visitors and up to 2 million hits per month. Your listing will include information about your event as well as a full description of the purpose and amenities of the event. This will incent people to attend. To add more focus to your event, a graphic of your flyer, logo, or event picture is included with your listing. Events that are included on our website, are emailed to our distribution in those cities.
We thank everyone who has supported SWATS Enterprises in its endeavors through the years.
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